Support #UTDivest!

The University of Toledo Students for Justice in Palestine has recently launched the campaign #UTDivest demanding that their university divest from corporations complicit in the occupation of Palestine. UT invests in Cemex, General Electric and Rolls-Royce, among others – all companies that directly violate international law and/or human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

UTSJP and #UTDivest has come under fire from administrators, who have pressured them and their supporters in Student Government to kill the bill, and been the target of a slander campaign led by student organizations such as UT Hillel. UTSJP is not alone in this endeavor; other campuses across the country have already launched similar campaigns and continue to do so. Yet, it is vital that all supporters of the Palestinian people make their voice heard and support UTSJP and #UTDivest. The struggle for the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination is the struggle for all people’s right to self-determination.

#UTDivest needs your support to weather the storm of attacks from administration and hostile student opposition groups. Something as simple as liking their Facebook page to express your support will help push the campaign forward, spread awareness, prevent their isolation, and act as a symbolic display of support for the students struggling for justice on UT’s campus. Please consider supporting their courageous effort by liking and sharing their page.

In solidarity.

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