Donald Trump and White Male Occhiolism

Chris Stevenson


He even makes it easy for us to see it. When he says President Obama did such a bad job he ruined it for other blacks who want to run for President because they’ll never win, what he really means is Obama makes white male presidential prospects (like himself) seem irrelevant. Any further proof can be seen in his behavior during the first televised republican debates. His sense of entitlement leaps over tall buildings in a single bound, even tall buildings that are closing down… like Trump Tower.

You won’t hear about any comments-off-air or otherwise-from Reverend Jesse Jackson about cutting the Donald’s “nuts off.” Back in ‘84 Jackson cut himself off the presidential ballot with a statement to a reporter calling New York City “Hymietown.” Considering Trumps plethora of Hymietown-like statements in reference to groups considered non-Jewish, the irony is chilling considering he is not only still in the running, but is leading the republican polls.

Any of you Trumphiles out there having a good time watching your guy say all the things about gender and ethnicity that you do or dream of doing but you’re name is just Gus Schultz, need to understand the most important aspect of Trump that will ultimately doom his campaign. He obviously is surrounded by Yes-men and women. He needs advisors. A few months back he just fired the only one on his staff, political consultant Roger Stone.

What Trump doesn’t want to admit is there hasn’t been an international terror hit here in the US during the Obama Administration like they wish they could pin on him, only domestic terrorism from mostly angry white males not excluding members of the police department (Google 16 shots), many no-doubt fueled by the words of himself and his ilk. Over the past few years the white male republican has been forced to wrap his mind around a lot of things he doesn’t want to. Thus the MAO Syndrome, cops shoot young black men because they imagine themselves to be possibly shooting the next Barack Obama. I saw a white female supporter of Trump say on national TV that she thinks President Obama is a racist “or at least pro-black.”

If McCain or Romney were the president he would have just been concentrating on Donald’s TV shows like he did when Bush was in office because there would not be an idiot-vacancy in the West Wing. Make no mistake about it, Trump is spurred only by his outrage over a black Commander-in-Chief and his words don’t even hide it because he knows there’s many more who feel like him and those are the supporters he wants. He should spend his time apologizing and helping to compensate the Central Park 6 since he took out a full-page ad in the New York Times calling them names and attaching his personal stereotypical beliefs to them, but his pride is already wounded by the presence of Barack.

Trump is so far gone it may not be just a case of white male occhiolism, at times he comes off as having Aspeger Syndrome like Mitt Romney, he’s detached from empathizing with common people, and as I stated about his supporters back in 2012; what’s their excuse other than their own gullibility? This is not the same man who said during the Bush Administration that “everything is a lie,” and how concerned he was that “the rest of the world hates us… we had a chance after September 11th to be the most popular-for the first time ever-to be the most popular nation on earth. And we blew it.” Today Donald Trump is simply a bigot whose delusions have afforded him the luxury of rationalizing race-hate, and his wealth has made him listenable to millions. Were he a homeless man no one would care if he thinks the world is flat, as a billionaire he can afford to spread his racism and narcissism far and wide.

The first clue about should be the one that makes his supporters dismiss him from day one; he’s so delusional his dialogue makes him sound like he’s running against Obama, and of course Obama can’t run for a 3rd term. Perhaps the biggest example of this is his 1/24 Fox News interview with Howard Kurtz where he flatly stated that blacks will like him more than President Obama: “They’re gonna like me better than they like Obama. The truth is Obama has done nothing for them.” Yeah right, I can just see the pieces falling into place now. While the first sentence seems delusional enough to make me wonder if he took LSD before the cameras rolled, a large part of the reason it seems Obama has done nothing for blacks is because of republican legislators and their basic fear that Obama was all about helping blacks to the minutest degree, and therefore a lot of measures Obama wants or may have wanted to push he knew would be outvoted. Trump’s outrage over a democratic black president-a man in part from the same race Trump and his dad would have denied an apartment to decades ago-that knows what he’s doing, is the only thing that fuels his behavior. So all he has left is to call the Commander-in-Chief names like Incompetent. This is where he needs to talk to Hillary who once stated if Obama were white he’d be hailed as one of the greatest presidents ever based on his accomplishments.

In a strange piece of irony his masterpiece of verbosity the day before his ‘blacks love me’ statement actually comes closest to making sense at this point. Trump said on Saturday (1/23) “I could stand in the middle of Madison Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Well… and he might even get arrested, maybe. Nowadays grand juries and prosecutors are openly reluctant to indict white police, especially for questionable shooting of unarmed black suspects. Why would we assume they would charge Trump just because it’s their job?

The common definition to Occhiolism (n) Is just “The awareness of the smallness of your perspective.” In other words even if you are wealthy and powerful, some degree of low-self-esteem lurks within you. Lots of brashness and bluster is not going to hide this, and the root cause of Trump’s run for the White House is just such a condition. His most telling sign is some extremely bloated and unrealistic campaign promises., and his obsession with outdoing Obama. Not to mention the types of voters he attracts, white people who think Obama is “pro-black” or racist based on exaggerated or imagined perceptions. In early September in response to the Iran nuclear deal, the Donald told a group of protestors at a rally on Capitol Hill that the US loses everywhere and under his presidency “we will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning.” This reminded me of the drug-induced tirade of Charlie Sheen that ended with “winning duuh!” Maybe the two of them will find each other in the middle of Trump’s stupid-voter-census and he’ll nominate him over Palin.


Chris Stevenson is author of “The MAO Syndrome: A Timeline of Newspaper columns Tracking Hate, Fear, Loathing, Obstinacy, and Stubbornness of many on the right & some on the left who are simply Mad At Obama.” He is also a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him by email;


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