Colin Jenkins on Socialism and the SPUSA’s Soltysik/Walker 2016 Campaign

Contrary to popular misconceptions stemming from Cold War propaganda, socialist ideas and principles have nothing to do with government control over our lives. In fact, they propose the exact opposite.

At its most basic level, socialism is nothing more than an attempt to democratize the economy. It seeks a way for us to have *more* control over our lives, via the economic system. It seeks a way for us to fulfill our most basic needs (housing, food, education, healthcare, etc) so that we can then focus on being creative and productive human beings, building strong communities and families, and establishing a better and more cooperative world. It seeks to replace the empty and unnecessary paycheck-to-paycheck grind of capitalism with a more meaningful existence.

The only way to overcome the lingering cognitive dissonance established by decades of propaganda is to encourage class-conscious learning. Mimi Soltysik and Angela Walker have made their 2016 Presidential campaign all about this. They have used social media to encourage such learning. They have provided a more accurate representation of what socialism is about. And, whenever possible, they have traveled to working-class communities to promote basic principles of socialism: self-determination and empowerment.

It is for this very reason that I support their campaign with all of my heart, as I would for all such campaigns, regardless of which party banner they may fall under. Socialism is no longer a dirty word. But that is not enough. It must now become a tool in our fight against the capitalist class (the 1%) and their government stooges from both parties. The Soltysik/Walker campaign is an important part of this collective struggle.

In solidarity.


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