Sending Solidarity to Chicago

Sending our solidarity to freedom fighters in Chicago for standing up against rising fascism this evening. Incredibly courageous acts of resistance within a sea of ignorant hatred. Fascism should be confronted and stomped wherever it rears its ugly head.

In watching these developments, we must remember that Donald Trump himself is only a small part of the *real problem* we have to deal with in the coming years. The *real problem* is the culture that leads tens of millions of working-class people to support his message of hate, ignorance, racism, and xenophobia.

This is what happens when class consciousness disappears. A struggling working class that is constantly suffocated by the capitalist system, from every direction imaginable, becomes desperately enraged. When there is no grasp of systemic deficiencies, this rage is unable to find its target. Without being able to identify the root causes of these never-ending problems, this rage is easily redirected by pied pipers of the powerful (i.e. Trump).

Trump, and others like him, are the real enemies of the working-class majority. They exploit our labor with poverty wages. They exploit our landlessness with exorbitant rent. They exploit our dreams by forcing us into lifelong debt. They exploit our basic healthcare needs by creating trillion-dollar, price-gouging medical and health insurance industries. They exploit our need to feel safe by constructing a murderous police state around us. And they exploit our desperation by sending our children to fight and die in wars for profit.

Then they run off with all of the money, leave us in a perpetual state of hopelessness, and pretend to be our saviors through the electoral system.

Confronting this culture, both intellectually and physically, is our only option. Let’s do it together.

In solidarity.


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