On Sensationalism and Centrist Propaganda


The magazine rack at your local bookstore is a sad indicator of what type of “information” is being disseminated through our dominant consumer culture.

Liberal media refuse to drop the Russiagate story for the same reasons Conservative media refused to drop things like “birtherism” and Benghazi. Not because these narratives are substantial in any real sense, or that they’re “crucial for American democracy,” but because they SELL. They sell because they lure in irrational misconceptions (and, hence, emotions) about the spectacle of American politics.

The fact that there was never a democracy (or “republic”) to be undermined or “besieged” in the first place doesn’t matter when your “information” serves as nothing more than a commodity to be marketed and sold. Sensationalism sells. Supermarket tabloids figured this out long ago. The “news” industry was a late bloomer, but they also figured it out.

The spectacle, and its profit-generating emotional pendulum, will continue long after Trump. And most of us will remain lost in the wilderness, wondering why our constant struggles never subside. Unless we dig deeper… and reach higher.

In solidarity.


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