The Art of Resistance: A photo essay

This photo essay is the collaborative work of Photographer Kay Boyd and Author Susan Anglada Bartley. Both Kay and Susan employ a variety of art forms for personal expression. Anglada Bartley created the background, floral design, setting, props, and messages. Kay Boyd conceived of the angles and lighting, wardrobe, as well as the styling, positioning, and photo editing in this piece. Together, they explored race, gender, sexuality, colonialism, social class, politics, and the possibility for healing through reparations, white accountability, and art.


“White women continue to profit from the legacy of privilege that began with the institution of slavery.”


“Dismantle racist, sexist heteropatriarchy and capitalism and start over with black and indigenous women in charge.”


“Fuck white feminism.”


“When have white women put the lives of Black and Indigenous women before their own desire to succeed in a racist society?”


“Eurocentric patriarchal thinking and leadership has imprisoned us in the deadly plastic society we created. The future of humanity and the planet depends on our ability to follow the leadership of radical, anti-capitalist Black and Indigenous women.”


“White women must use our privilege to support the leadership of radical Black and Indigenous women.”


“Reparations now.”

sue8“White women cannot expect to heal our relationship with Black women until we lift our voices to demand reparations for the injustice caused by the institution of slavery and its legacy.”


About Kay Boyd:

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